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Design Projects

Irene Jia | Alexandra Park

2022 /01

FaceJam is a facial expression generated musical experience, imbuing face-to-face interaction with collaborative magic.

large backround_edited.jpg

Irene Jia | Sebastian Tam | Rui Ma

2022 /04

Side-Quest is a project aimed to design interventions to divert crowds and alleviate stress on Oxford Street while thinking of ways to enhance and increase engagements for visitors.



Irene Jia 

2019 /10

Rectify is a wearable tech design that enables users to wear during workouts and training that can help correct movements and send alerts when the body is not at the optimal state for training.

portfolio 2021 cvpage16.jpg


Irene Jia 

2020 /01

Gaia is a community and ecosystem integration design project that propose a looped living district to home both stray animals and humans.

litter box.jpg


Irene Jia 

2018 /09

The A.I.D.Project research deeply into athletics and dancers’ struggle with injuries, and developing a product not only aid recovery but also helps to prevent injuries during training.

portfolio 2021 cvpage28.jpg
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