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Transdisciplinary designer | Ballet dancer


Irene Jia | Sebastian Tam | Rui Ma

2022 /04

For our project Side-Quest, we started by trying to design interventions to divert crowds and alleviate stress on Oxford Street while thinking of ways to enhance and increase engagements for visitors.


Our intervention is to identify and curate a series of immersive experiences for visitors of Oxford street through identifying and activating secondary and tertiary spaces off the main street and transforming them into “discovery hotspots”.


These “hotspots” will be curated to suit a 24-hour cycle of experiences. during the day you will be able to see still and illusionary artworks around these spaces to interact. For evenings these spaces will light up with interactive projection mapping where you can co-create the live projection from our App.


We also developed a system to gamify the discovery of these spaces for users, you might be able to find “hints” on the main street subtly guiding you to these hotspots, you also have the option to jump into the discovery mode on our app to locate them.

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