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Transdisciplinary designer | Ballet dancer
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Irene is a transdisciplinary designer with a background in product design and materials, She excels in bringing holistic perspectives and system thinking to her projects.

Her expertise spans across healthcare, bio-fabrication, urban planning, and physical computing, allowing her to merge design, engineering, user experience with innovation to rethink complex challenges and propose solutions.

The ability to transcend one’s discipline is about the openness to possibilities outside our comfort zone. That openness means we must evolve our “toolbox” to include not just sketchpads, and software, but the sensors, code, operational systems and mindset of our future worlds.

My quest has been about understanding my identity in flux and understanding what it means to have a voice as a designer. To me, that has been to constantly introspect and codify my values and recognise my weaknesses and vulnerabilities in order to evolve.

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